Student Donations

1)      Expense slips:  When students bring checks to the school, they will use one of these forms to accompany their donation and take it directly to the banker, Diane Green


2)       Families can pay online

a.       How to pay online

                                                               i.      Go to

                                                             ii.      Click on webstore

                                                            iii.      Product Categories (dropdown menu)

                                                           iv.      Band/Color Guard

                                                             v.      View details:  Submit student first and last name, donation list, and amount

                                                           vi.      View cart and checkout

Fall Donation #1 – 150$

Fall Donation #2 – 150$
(Crowd source fund-raiser such as snap-raise or vertical raise)
Fall Donation #3  – 150$
(Band Spectacular program ads)